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The platform will guide you through your journey to better marketing results. Furthermore, it increases your marketing knowledge and it gives you access to the best online marketing specialists. You will have everything in one place and you can be very flexible.

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The 25 best online marketing tools in the world in one platform

Marketing Madheads has integrated the 25 favorite tools of online marketeers in one platform. The data from all these tools is combined and translated into specific and manageable points of improvement. To analyse your organic position in Google, the platform compares your website to the website of your top 3 competitors. Additionally, the platform tells you what you need to improve in order to get a better position in Google as opposed to these competitors. You can also see all the graphs that you need to track your results. In other words, you have everything that you need and you can start immediately.

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Get help from a specialist

Do you not want to do your online marketing yourself or do you need extra guidance? With one click of a button, you can get help or coaching from an online marketing specialist. If you want to, you can also outsource work to them. In the platform you will have one strategist assigned to you. In addition, you can always choose to use a specialist if needed. Have an Analytics-related question? We will link you to our Analytics specialist within the platform. Considering using Social Ads? Then we will link you to one of our social ad specialists. You name it, we can do it. Help is always available and up-selling and down-selling is easy, as well.

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Your knowledge of online marketing, always up-to-date

Are you just starting out with online marketing or are you having trouble getting started? No problem either. In our extensive platform you can find up-to-date e-learnings for SEO, SEA and Social. By following the e-learning you can take your knowledge to the next level, while improving the online marketing results of your company. What a win-win situation! All knowledge is saved and updated regularly. This way, you will always be up-to-date on the newest online marketing developments. You can also transfer your work to new colleagues.

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14 days + 30 min of free advice

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Thanks to the online marketing platform of Marketing Madheads we achieved great SEO results. Regularly we request help from a SEO specialist of Marketing Madheads. This is super flexible.
Edmund Timm Commercial Director NEN
Do you want to increase your online marketing knowledge or the knowledge of your colleagues? Marketing Madheads will help you further with this goal! Great people and a no nonsense mentality.
Evert van Bergen Partner Suitup Now
I really recommend Marketing Madheads. We outsource Google and Social Ads for Livis. With the platform we manage SEO by ourselves.
Joost Harmsma E-commerce manager Livis